Not Editing Today...

…skiing instead.

Musical Bumps 01.jpg
Musical Bumps 04.jpg

Last year the mountains around Squamish and Whistler felt too big and intimidating to venture into much further than the ski area boundary. I didn’t want to die in an avalanche and I didn’t know how to avoid it, or how to know if I was avoiding it or not. As with all these things, one step at a time.

Taking a course helps.

Musical Bumps 05.jpg
Musical Bumps 06.jpg

Now we push our way into new valleys and over new ridges slowly and cautiously, feeling like pioneers and glowing with our discoveries at the end of the day.

Musical Bumps 07.jpg
Musical Bumps 11.jpg
Fissile Peak Collage.jpg

Sometimes I miss what I think of now as my Scottish roots, and my familiarity with some of the mountains there. I think about jumping the BC ship. But you have to let yourself get into a place to allow it into you. The further we nudge our little boundaries outwards, the more we see just beyond and note down to explore next time.

Jen Randall