35mm Sketchbook #1

The view from my living room reminds me to explore all those mountains I haven't met yet.

Garibaldi Edited-33.jpg

So I've started to, with my old Miranda 35mm and my old pal Jackie.

Garibaldi Edited-07.jpg

Black Tust has every colour there is...

Garibaldi Edited-06.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-03.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-08.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-09.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-11.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-23.jpg

One foot in front of the other, and I realise these mountains are big, but they aren't so big that you can't get in amongst them. We start talking about more and bigger ventures soon.

Garibaldi Edited-24.jpg
Garibaldi Edited-26.jpg