Psycho Vertical

We're currently putting the final touches to the Psycho Vertical edit - a creative documentary based on Andy Kirkpatrick's celebrated auto-biography of the same name. This is a story about conflicting identities, ambition vs security, about how our pasts shape us, drive us forward and stay with us all our lives. And of course, about soloing a big wall. The film will be released in November 2017.

It's Calling with Lowe Alpine

We're proud to see our third short film collaboration with Lowe Alpine go live this week - It's Calling, a celebration of our want and need to get outside.


The Outsiders Lookbook

It's been a pleasure to work with new adventure-lifestyle store The Outsiders, shooting their autumn/winter '17 lookbook. An exciting collaboration we look forward to building on.


The Bothy Project on BMC TV

It's prime adventuring season and our award-winning short film The Bothy Project is now live on BMC TV for all to enjoy - what timing. Click on the image below to get to the film, or click here to travel to Lowe Alpine's article about making the project with images, interviews and of course the film itself.

Short Film with Hazel Findlay

Internationally renowned rock climber Hazel Findlay has spent the last few years battling a career-threatening shoulder injury, and we've been there throughout the journey, from the lows and uncertainty of operation day to reclaiming her position as one of the world's best climbers. We're very excited for the progress Hazel has made, and will be wrapping this project up this year with support from the ever wonderful BMC TV.