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I’m Jen Randall and this is Light Shed Pictures. I’m a filmmaker and creative director with a raw, bold aesthetic. I aim to empower, entertain and challenge viewers with intricately woven, emotive narratives and a quiet sense of fun. I collaborate with athletes, artists and brands to put meaningful films into the world, sharing powerful personal stories and creating brand content with substance. I offer a full range of filmmaking services, from developing concepts to directing, shooting, producing and editing a project, and have strong links with outstanding sound designers, photographers, writers, camera and drone operators, animators and distributors. My work has been awarded major prizes at international mountain film festivals, been sold for broadcast, gained large online followings and been distributed across UK cinemas. I often quest into the wilds on adventures inspired by my subjects, from long distance walks to big walls.

If you have an idea or story you want to explore, drop me a line on our Contact Page.